Jerrys Nuget

You wont believe how expensive the worlds rarest playing cards are !

As a magician I have a thing for fancy packs of cards….but some of these are crazy!

  1. Arcane: Gold Edition – Current price – $200 Arcane gold editionWhen these cards were first printed you could pick up a pack for around $60 (I actually bought one myself but have always been scared to use them!) These cards were printed in a limited run of 5000 making them incredibly rare.
  2.  Movie Souvenir Plying cards (1916) – Current Price – $162.80Rare playing cardsOnly a handful of these decks remain in circulation. The most prominent film stars of the early 20th century feature on each one of these cards including Charlie Chaplin as the Joker (obviously!)
  3. Jerry’s Nugget – Current Price – $500Jerrys NugetOriginally printed in the 70’s the Jerry’s Nugget playing cards were sold in the gift shop of the Jerry’s Nugget Casino for $1. They became popular among magicians for their smooth finish and minimalist design. In 1999 a private buyer bought the remaining 40,000 packs and ever since these packs are extremely rare. (Also they cannot be reprinted because the coating is really bad for the environment!)
  4. Rynolds Standing Courts – Current price – $436.60Rynold and SonsPrinted by Rynolds & Son’s London printers in 1850, these playing cards, although rare, were a millstone in design which would eventually become the designs we know today. An amazing piece of British history!
  5. Worlds Oldest Playing Cards – Current price – $143,000 

    set-of-cards-These cards were bought by an antiques dealer for $2,600 in 1979. He had a hunch that they were much older than advertised and after a lot of research and analysis he found that they were over 500 years old!!!! He then sold them to a museum for $143,000…………… I hate this man.



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